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Deploy a Node Polka Web Server

Polka is an extremely minimal, highly performant Express alternative for Node.js applications:

  • 33-50% faster than Express for simple applications
  • Middleware support, including Express middleware you already know & love
  • Nearly identical application API & route pattern definitions
  • ~90 LOC for Polka, 120 including its router

How to deploy a Node.js application with Polka within a few minutes

  • Create a new project on and connect your GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab repo URL
  • Check suggested settings and click on Deploy

That’s it! Your project will be deployed within a minute. You’ll be able to monitor resource usage, scale your project, add unlimited environments and custom domains.

  • Try to push some changes to your Git repository to check how ‘push to deploy’ works
  • Add custom domains
  • Add environments (Deployed provides a separate URL for each environment)
  • Add env variables for each environment
  • Focus on development