The beginning: How will help to get your projects online?

Let’s imagine that you already have a prototype or even MVP for your SAAS project or web app. It works great on your local machine and looks like it’s time to make your project available online. How to do it if:

  • you don’t want to spend time learning DevOps
  • you haven’t time and knowledge to maintain servers
  • you don’t want/haven’t money to hire DevOps engineers
  • you don’t want to lock your project in AWS, GC, Heroku, etc
  • you already use Git (for example, keep your code on GitHub or Bitbucket)

In this case, Deployed will save you much time and money. The idea is simple - deploy projects on virtually any server (DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, etc.) directly from a git repository. You push code to the “master” branch and this branch will be reachable at, you push code to the “dev” branch and these changes will be available at, etc. No DevOps knowledge is required but if you’re a DevOps engineer still will save you much time.

For example, you’re working on a microSAAS which already includes frontend (for example, Next.js), backend (for example, Node.js or Go), a few microservices (to process payments, media files, e-mails), blog (for example, Strapi or Ghost). For your frontend, backend, and microservices you need a few environments (“production”, for your users and “development”, to test changes before you push them to production). The main problem here is how to deploy all this stuff? can help you deploy all project services and apps within 10-20 mins on any servers with public Ip addresses and Ubuntu 20.04LTS. You can deploy everything on 1 server (it’s not a nice idea but you can do it to save server costs) or you even can deploy your backend on servers from different providers and redirect requests from users to the nearest data center. Sounds great? Follow us on and request your invite at to check how Deployed can save your time and costs (registration works with invites only while we’re in beta).